Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Albums for Life: 101: Sparks: Kimono My House

"You mentioned Kant and I was shocked. You know where I come from none of the girls have such foul tongues"

Listening to this now, the shrill, intense weirdness of it all makes my eyes hurt.
Way back in the 1974 it was intoxicating and exotic; propelled by Dinky Diamond's irresistible beats and adorned by guitarist Adrian Fisher's best Mick Ronson impressions; this was the most exciting album I ever owned as a teenager; the sheer euphoria of it all was offset by the fact that you couldn't suss what the hell was going on with the Maels.

Were Ron and Russ serious? 
Were they even brothers?
After an appearance on 'The Old Grey Whistle Test' 'Whispering' Bob Harris described them as "a cross between Frank Zappa and The Monkees". I'm not sure if it was meant as a compliment...
They went on to greater success with big beats and knowing Moroder disco but never has my world of pop been so utterly disorientated by such a wonderful racket...
Hear 'heartbeat, resisting heartbeat' and try and turn the joyful, sinister thing off.
Laugh out loud impossible...

PS: Please note that Seamus over on the excellent 'Vapour Trails' site has started playing too.
Why not come join us?


  1. Kimono and Propaganda are the only two Sparks albums I've repurchased on CD - brilliant albums both then and now! I really should check out some of the more recent stuff...

    1. Bazza, where are your choices?
      How about jumping in at 100?
      Marcus and I reconvene the Cassidy sessions next month... still like the baby's head...

  2. Thanks for the mention Trevor! I love this album too, and will be choosing a different Sparks album at some point in my 102. A more recent one. I've gone a bit left field with todays choice: http://theknockingshop.blogspot.ie/2012/11/top-102-albums-no-101-wayward-harry.html

    1. 'Left field' for sure; unknown to me.
      Sure I will not be singing Partch in the shower but interesting, pioneering stuff, with 'found. sounds and all...