Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Free Download of 'Ghost of Song'

It seems that music is no longer legal tender.
We're all giving it away.
The way to make a living out of music these days is gigs and t-shirt sales apparently.
I'm currently on a one gig every five year rotation and the only t-shirt of interest that I have to offer is a black Marks & Spencer thermal 'V' neck that's a little tight around the mid-riff.
Cash offers or swapsies...
As you can see from the disfiguring banner above right, you can now download 'Ghost of Song' for free.
You can make 'donations' I believe but I'll leave that to you and your conscience...
The real hope is that you good folk might start connecting this site (or my download page on the mother site 'NoiseTrade') with your mates via Twitter/Facebook/Email etc.
Christ, my lips are moving but I don't really know what I'm saying...
Maybe you could all assist me by just doing that networking thing...
All help would be much appreciated.

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