Sunday, 11 November 2012

'Trev the Tree' and 'Shy Di'

And after listening to all of that autumnal moody Sylvian stuff Di and I took a walk in the woods above our house.
Can you spot the difference between me and a tree?
Best answer gets a free CD.
(I have a few...)
I then snapped the snapper who, as you can see, was an unwilling subject...


  1. Softwood vs Hardwood?

  2. Sorry mate, dick jokes are so juvenile. Didn't mean to insult your manwood. Got home late that night after a few pitchers of Sangria with friends Mike an Tessie. Are you familiar with the fruity refreshment? I makes you say funny stuff. Best I could come up with...

    Back to Canada (and sobriety) in the morning!


    PS: Splendid photo by Di. Is that a fish-eye lens? I'm serious. Funny how? What's funny about it?

  3. I remember your disdain of dick jokes from the Cassidy Care readings...
    Having spent 7 years at a boarding school I kind of like them...
    Do Canadians know Frankie Howard?
    Brit's def' know Sangria but would never be seen drinking them in public on our own shores.
    Abroad? That's different of course.
    No fish eye; it looks that way because I'm standing above the huge bowl that Di's standing in...
    Listening to disc 0 at the moment trying to decide which is my favourite Cockburn album. 'Dart to the Heart' currently riding high...