Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday Morning Blue: Aimee Mann: 4th of July: Kate Rusby: Underneath the Stars

It's a miserable morning so Di and I (still stinking of smoke from last night's bonfire) are hiding from it all under the quilt.
I know that Aimee Mann dryly dismissed fireworks as 'a waste of gunpowder and sky' but they never cease to thrill this boy.
'4th of July' comes to you exactly 5 months late or 7 months early depending on your disposition; the song is from from the brilliantly acidic album 'Whatever'; although I love her stuff most of it is flavoured with a cynical lemon twist; I think it's a fair guess that Aimee is a martini glass half empty kind of gal.
Di's plumped for a happier soul; Kate Rusby's celebration of a life in music '20' which is full of sweet, autumnal reinterpretations of her best loved songs. Nothing too challenging; just a lovely Yorkshire lass doing what she does best with grace and no little humor. A full bodied half pint then, not too bitter...
From underneath the quilt; here's a take on her classic 'Underneath the Stars'.

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