Friday, 16 November 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

It's my birthday today.
My first present was all wet and wrinkly (see right).
Not pleasant...
Meanwhile, I'm sitting here waiting for the postman to deliver all of your cards and (more importantly) cheques.
I'd like to thank you in advance for your kindness.
It's nice to have such generous friends.
Meanwhile, here below is a photo of the the two eccentrics who are responsible for my God like genius.
Meet Betty and Terry.
As you can see I have my mother's hair: my father's dress sense and smarts.
I certainly know my onions...


  1. Have yourself a great day ,Trev!

  2. hope you are having a great day and got lots of top gifts

  3. Happy Birthday Trevor. The cheques in the post.

  4. "First you forget names, then you forget faces. Next you forget to zip up your fly; and finally, you forget to unzip your fly."
    George Burns


    1. "A dead bird never falls out of its nest"
      Di Holmes

    2. Ha! Di's quoting Winston Churchill's quip; after an MP informed him that he was strolling about Parliament with his zipper down.... smart girl.

      In response to your previous question as to my knowledge of Frankie Howerd? He actually had his own sitcom on CBC back when I was a kid. Sort of Canada's version of "Fawlty Towers." Don't remember much except there was a gal with huge boobs which seemed to be the focus of Howerd's gags.

      Benny Hill was hugely popular here. Did I ever mention our encounter with him? He was leaving a bandshell venue after being a judge/performer at a Hawaiian Tropic Beauty Pageant in Daytona Beach in 1991. Benny was rushing madly down a narrow stairwell with a couple of ladies in tow, while Myrna & I were ascending. Being a rather chubby fellow, he accidentally crashed into us! He apologized profusely, and smiled that goofy grin of his for a few moments before waddling on his way. Not long after we learned he passed away. Anyway, that's my story of my "brush" with an icon.

    3. Yup, Benny was a tit man.
      One of our friends (Lindsay) was one of the nurses that he used to chase around in every other scene.
      Frankie Howard's humor hasn't dated well.
      Ooooo missus!!
      I remember howling at 'Up Pompei'...

    4. I'll bet Lindsay has some real stories to tell about "brushes" with the icon!

    5. I think that she's banished it from her memory bank.
      We go way back to when she and Di were dancers together.
      They've both got 'previous'.
      The lovely Lindsay was also a member of Kenny Everett's 'Hot Gossip' and was one of the 'band' in that infamous Robert Palmer video for 'Addicted to Love'.
      Di on the other hand was a tap dancing lemon on a TV fruit drink ad and was the love interest in the Mr Blobby video for his no1 hit single:
      That's Di dressed as a blue sperm at the start and then massaging the great blobby's chest from 1.05 onwards intercut with a Shakespeare's Sister...
      Please don't tell her I told you...

  5. Thanks for your wishes; yesterday was Japanese whisky and curry; today it's rugby, steak, merlot and 'Three Colours' Blue'.
    The birthday weekend continues.
    Life is good...