Friday, 23 November 2012

Lovesong: Anthony D'Amato: Skeleton Key/Hank Williams Tune

I'm making the most of the Thanksgiving holiday by multi-tasking: sitting in the Cinnamon Chair in my undies and last night's t-shirt, reading Carver, drinking strong coffee, growing a luxuriant beard and watching Di dance to Led Zep turned up to '11'. Tonight's whisky bottle (half full; Japanese) winks at me from the shelf.
A bacon butty beckons.
Pigs in shit come to mind...

Meanwhile, on winsome street; I know nothing of this young troubadour other than he's doing a session on today's Ricky Ross show on BBC Radio Scotland and that I like these 2 tunes.
The competition's getting stiffer, and they've all got firmer jaw lines that they insist on hiding behind bushy beards.
Are beards the new tattoo?
I need to get me a Davy Crockett hat!
Read Ricky Ross's Blog here for more info...

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