Saturday, 24 November 2012

Albums For Life: 92: Angus & Julia Stone: Down the Way

'Heart of Gold' came on the radio
Mr Young made me cry
A skinny Devon girl made the bluebirds sing
She blew my mind...

I'm following the lead of Seamus over on Vapour Trails.
Here is an album that has leapt straight into my list.
All I know of this revelation is that they're Australian siblings and this was made in 2010.
I know it's unwise; I'll probably tire of it by the end of the weekend but... the initial feeling that it's all a bit hippy dippy stoner despair is banished by their alternate vocal takes; there's a restraint in the intensity; a simplicity to the arrangements that shows great focus.
I guess that the brother/sister vibe denies the songs the sexual frisson that made the Civil Wars album so compelling, but there is a warm glow of benevolent bliss that inhabits the songs; it reaches out and very gently squeezes your heart.
You kind of know what you're going to get by the bleached sepia presentation of everything; but sometimes you need exactly what you want...
This shimmery delight could easily become one of my favourite campfire albums.

If I were wearing a suit I'd split them up, get him a shave, get her a blonde rinse and double my money.
Let's hope they resist that inevitable dilemma...
I look forward to getting to know them better.
Here's a selection from a fine session that show them at their understated best.
Great harmonies.
Interesting choice of a cover...


  1. Sly move, Trevor. By stalling at No. 93 you give yourself extra albums to play with!

    1. Changed to 92 before my comment was published! Too quick on the draw.

    2. Faster than a polished turd (see below)...

  2. That's a fine session. Love their rendition of 'You're the one that I want'.They certainly know how to polish a turd.
    I've been very careful about putting new albums on my list, as you say they sometimes don't sound so great after a week or two. Still 2012 has been a real vintage year for new music and 5 albums from this year have made my cut.

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