Friday, 2 November 2012

Tony Visconti's Top 13 Albums

While we're all busy pondering our musical highlights; legendary producer Tony Visconti has done a similar thing over on the excellent Quietus site.
He stopped at 13.
It's an interesting mish mash of influence; Joni's 'Blue' is there as is XTC's 'Mummer'.
There's also an eclectic choice of the site's 50 finest albums of 2012 thus far which is making me feel a bit like growing a goatee and buying an Audi; I have one out of their fifty...
There's a useful link which allows you to access a selected playlist on Spotify... 
I'm currently 3 tracks in and it's definitely helping to clear my sinuses...
Have a look here:
Tony Visconti's Top 13: The Quietus
Top 50 Albums of 2012 so far: The Quietus

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