Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Albums For Life: 97: The Finn Brothers: Everyone Is Here

"Talking with my brother when the lights went out
Down the hallway forty years ago
And what became much harder was so easy then
Opening up and letting go
Talking to each other as we wait for sleep
The angel in the detail soon arrives
Spreading her wings over every memory
And keeping all our hopes alive" 

It's fairly well known that Tim and Neil Finn's brotherhood is a difficult one. Initially Neil joined his brother's band Split Enz before he left to form Crowded House. In the early 90's they started work on a Finn brothers album that eventually formed songs for 'Woodface', Crowded House's most successful and acclaimed album. Tim seemingly left with a flea in his ear shortly afterwards.
They have remained close but continue to be openly critical of each other. Neil noted "being a perfectionist, to me, is wanting it to be as absolutely as good as it possibly can and leaving no stone unturned. There's a lot of love there and I'm just grateful to have a brother."
Tim recognizes this: "There is rivalry, but it seems to work, like when we get together and play we push each other because he digs what I do and I dig what he does, so there's a lot of respect. When we're together its like fireworks, it just sparks."

Although Tim Finn's self titled album is great, 'Everyone is Here' is, for me, the strongest set of songs that the two have ever done outside of Crowded House. There's a focussed feeling of resignation throughout that gives the whole thing a melancholic twist; the songs touch on aging and loss with subtlety and grace. 'Disembodied Voices' and 'A Life Between Us' sees the brothers addressing their past imperfect; there's the perfect pop of the opener 'Won't Give In' but the highlight of all highlights is the end piece; the sublime 'Edible Flowers'.


  1. Spotify arrived in Ireland yesterday so I am now able to listen to recommended albums! I've never really listened to any incarnation of the Finns but I'll give this a spin.

  2. Spotify a great way to ensure that you don't buy duff albums... although I fear that it is fast becoming the only way that folk now listen to music; not good for the musicians as the relative income is tiny...

  3. Already appeared on my list and another day could have been much higher
    My favourites of Tims (which I forgot for my list)is before and after - it is his most crowded house like in that just chock full of lmelody

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  5. I'm a massive fan of the Finn Brothers work - band wise/solo. This (Everyone Is Here) arguably the pairs best work outside of CH - though I still still love there debut 'Finn'. Tim wise I agree with most of the favorites listed above. Worth checking out his melodic album 'The Conversation' too. The song 'Rearview Mirror' gives me a goosebumps every time I hear it.