Saturday, 3 November 2012

Albums For Life: 102: William Fitzsimmons: The Sparrow and the Crow

As I'm currently into all things Autumnal this is just the ticket; it's very much in the same leafy vein as my recently listed Album for Life, 'Leavetaking' by Peter Bradley Adams. 'The Sparrow and the Crow' is gentle, swooning, delicate music to grow facial hair to, except that here the angst level is turned up to 11. You don't notice it though as it's all so tremulously delivered. There's not a lot of lyrical subtlety, Fitzsimmons walks you very directly through his misery; focussing on the box of tissues, old letters, mundane conversations littered with the platitudes that lovers plunder. The mundanities and lack of pretension makes it all the more involving; like listening to your younger brother's best mate breaking his heart and wanting to give him the sage advice that keeps him off the ledge. It's not quite up there with Damien
Rice but if it's break up songs you want then this would fit as snuggly as your ex's slippers or Wham t-shirt. It always makes me want to whisper the word 'corduroy' for some reason...
Fitzsimmons followed this album with 'Goodnight' on which he hits the nail on the head when he sings 'nothing's really changed'; with the exception of some scratchy beats, he's spot on.
They once called this bedsit music and, although too much of the same does start to make your teeth ache, if you get the dosage right it's the perfect cure to sappy happiness. One might fear for the lad considering the down beat nature of it all; you'd feel inclined to hide his razor, but no need to worry, somebody's already got there, hence our William is in possession of the finest beard in rock and roll; like a face full of bees; knocking ZZ Top's bum fluff into a cocked hat...


  1. Hi Trevor - I'm enjoying checking in each day to see what's next. Very tempted to join in but am not managing to keep up to date with posts as it is. But I'm still tempted...

  2. Come on in Seamus; the more the merrier...

  3. Yup, edges out Sam Beam, Bonnie Prince Billy and Band of Horses guy by a hair...

  4. Hi Seamus - echo Trev , join in even if it will probably end up costing me more money.

    Thanks Trev - another purchase made!

    1. I've started, so I guess I'll have to finish even if that will be a feat of organisation beyond my usual capabilities!

  5. Great; I hope it'll be a pleasure; certainly a pleasure for me as I'm listening to Willie (Across the Borderline) after your reminder...