Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sunday Morning Blue: David Sylvian: I Surrender: Wonderful World

If compilations were allowed to feature in my 'Albums for Life' David Sylvian's 'Victim of Stars' would feature high.
It's a treasure trove of the man's gorgeous work.
He may no longer be The Most Beautiful Man in the World but his profile's never been higher in this house.


  1. two gorgeous songs. i love his almost hypnotic more experimental stuff but I aos hope he never forgets he can write killer tunes as well as these 2 show

  2. I remember watching a documentary about a South American tribe who disfigure their young boys at an early age; break their noses; scar them; so that when they become warriors vanity does not weaken them as warriors. I always get reminded of this when I listen to Sylvian's more experimental stuff. Much as I enjoy the flash of beauty beauty as it pokes around the edges it's almost as though he's hobbling himself so that we can keep up with him...