Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Quietus: Baker's Dozen

I seem to be mining the rich vein that is The Quietus of late (notwithstanding the execrable Mr Agr**able).
'Baker's Dozen' will resonate with those of us who are pontificating over our favourite albums here and elsewhere.
Here's an interview with Scottish novelist Ian Rankin, a man known for peppering his plots with musical references. He's asked by the tome to choose his 'Bakers' Dozen'; his favourite 13 albums; something he found "really really difficult. Who are you going to leave off that list? As somebody who has been listening to music for over 40 years, and collecting albums, there are thousands and thousands of things I would have included given the chance. I thought which albums would be like a diary of my life. Albums that I can listen to over and over again, but that also resonate with me, for the stories behind them."
Sound familiar?

If Rankin's Throbbing Gristle/Hawkwind/Bowie rousing racket doesn't appeal you could do worse than have a look at Beth Orton's familiar folky fare in the same series...

Hell, to stop me being lazy and regurgitating ad hoc, access all of the (mainly) fascinating lists here:


  1. The combination of these lists and Spotify is dangerous. Oh that sounds interesting. So does that. God, I haven't listened to THAT in ages.

    It's FOUR O'CLOCK! Go to bed!

  2. Agreed Seamus; I'm starting to believe that there is a saturation point; there's only so much music that we're capable of loving...

  3. Well, there is certainly a limit on the amount of time there is in a day, a limit which becomes smaller when you share your life with kids and partner. There was a time where I could blast out music whenever I wanted. Those days are gone.
    And it takes time for music to break through the carapace around our hearts.

  4. Nice way of putting it Seamus.
    I'm afraid that my defenses were breached years ago; the first time I heard 'Blue'...

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